Sunday, September 7, 2008


At 6 AM Liz and I will leave for St. Lukes Hospital where I will sign in for a Cardiac Catherization~~something I had about 6 years ago, and it was decided that I should have another on Thursday of last week. There are several things that all added to this decision,,but I trust the Doctor completely.

It really isn't a hard procedure, but it can be scary if you don't know what happens when and/or why. The only bad part is that darn skinny bed you have to be very still on for 45 min to 2 hours. Since I've seen many of them in the last many years and had one before, the thing that is a mystery is the result. If there is a blockage that has developed in the last 6 years, then he will do an angioplasy, (squish all the plaque up against the artery wall), if it won't stay open then he will insert a "stent" (sort of a bridge support that looks like a minature bic pen spring). That usually takes care of the most of any problems. There are other things that could be done, but they are more involved and could lead to surgery and I have no plans for that to happen.

My desire is for this is to be comepletely negative and I can be back to work by Wednesday. Keep me in your prayers please.

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