Monday, July 14, 2008

A Time to Give and a Time to Receive

Monday nights have now become my night to teach 1-2 students. One of them is a "Learn to Read" student and the other is an "English as a Second Language" student. You must understand the first one is from a very disadvantaged background and the other one is from an Asian background. # 2 is very well educated in the birth language. She can read and write English, but cannot speak it. It is a "hoot" to listen to the "lazy southern country" speaker (#1) try to encourage the educated Asian in the method of getting an "l, r v, or w" to come out in a way that her tongue was never educated to produce. Sometimes it actually works. "Just say it fast, that's the way do get it out" .

Tonight I had just the one LTR student and the book "THE PRAYER OF JABEZ" was in his briefcase available to be read. He did pretty good and I was proud to see that he would tackle something like this. He will move into the 2nd level of the Laubach method of reading in the next 3 weeks. He has accomplished alot in a short time. His wife helps him at home alot and someone who cares, helps even more.

Sometimes it is hard to give each one time when alot of the time the work doesn't fit the both of their needs . They are so culturally different, it really gives me something to struggle with each time we meet. I often wonder if I am really the one that needs to be there. The thing is, I am the one there and the only one at this time willling to give up what I have learned in my 3 score plus years to the benefit of someone else. Guess that does give me some latitude. If it doesn't --oh well.

Many days later.... I put this aside the other day because I couldn't make much sense of it. After reading it over, it didn't need much editing. For those of you that might read this, please think of the time you might give to someone who could benefit from your knowledge and please, please give that time away. You will get everything you put into the time back in your life. There is a saying , the author I don't remember that says "There is a destiny that binds us brothers, none goes his way alone. All that we give into the lives of others, comes back into our own."

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