Thursday, July 10, 2008


Many times as I set out for hearth and home after work, I find that it is imperative that I leave the highway and find a place to stop and wake up. Most times I end up at Barnes and Nobles. After a few minutes --a cursive look around for a bargain and a cup of Starbucks , I walk out and get back on my way home. Then again, I think that I'm not really having that much problem and I thunder on and hit the bridge. That's what I did today. I got BUSTED! Not by the long arm of the law, worse by my own daughter.

I thought I saw her go by, but couldn't really be sure at the time and so I drove on. Little did I know that I was completely zoned out all the way across the bridge. Liz got my attention after we were slowing for the light at the 17 exit. I realized that I had strayed onto the little lane bumps once in while, but I didn't realize that I was slowing way down and speeding back up as my awareness waxed and waned. There was not bumps, dents or scratches on this trip, but I was made aware once again that "GOD takes care of fools and little children." I no longer fit into the latter part of that little saying.

I am grateful to my daughter for being right there at the right time and place to have me stop, get a drink and wake up enough to get home. It was my rare soda and ice and Liz got a Krystal burger for old times sake. Then we went on out and got on the scenic route alone the river. Yes, I did get a nap after I finally got home.

It was one of those times that I had to shake my head and say "Thank you" to Liz for looking after me and to the good Lord for his ever present hand keeping me almost safely home once more. that's how I remember it...


it'snotaboutme said...

I'm so glad that Liz and the Lord were there for you. He does take care of us all, we just forget. I loved seeing you this week. You are a blessing.

Liz said...

Ok, so I just have to say it...NEXT TIME PULL OFF! You scared me. I love you.

JSG said...

Hooray- you're blogging now! Another way for me to stay connected to my Fleming Island family, even when I'm far away from home.

In light of recent events, I think that the stop off for the Starbucks (with an extra expresso shot if needed) may be a good idea!